Freiburg and Region


Freiburg is a growing city with a resident population of about 230 000. It owes its popularity as a place to live to its Mediterranean climate, high level of employment, its clean environment and multicultural flair, brought about not least by its proximity to France and Switzerland. Freiburg is the gateway to the Black Forest. With an elevation varying from 200 m asl. on the Rhine Plain to almost 1300 m at the tip of the Schauinsland Mountain, Freiburg offers its residents and tourists, young and old, a vast array of recreational pursuits, completing the picture of Freiburg as a city with a diverse, active and open-minded community.

Welcome to Freiburg

Cities around Freiburg

Strasbourg (France)
This French city breaks its own records with respect to the number of visits. In Strasbourg you can easily visit the middle Ages and Modernism.
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Colmar (France)
In order to see the charming little lanes and taste the tarte flambée visit for more information.

Basel (Switzerland)
Basel is also called the artists’ city since it is considered a pocket size metropolis with nearly 40 museums and a maximum of international culture within a minimum of space.
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Germany is a Central European nation extending from the Baltic and North seas in the north to the Alps in the south with borders to nine other countries. Its democratic principles and advocacy for human rights as well as its strong economy and well-developed infrastructure have made Germany an open, modern and tolerant country with an important political and economic role to play, not only in the European Union, but also in the international community. English is the first foreign language learnt and is spoken well, particularly by the young adult generation.